Using the sunlight to make electricity.

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Images Courtesy of
The National Renewal Energy Laboratory
unless otherwise cited.

Page 1    What is Electricity?
                        More About... Electricity

Page 2    How Electricity Gets to Buildings
                        More About... Energy Transmission

Page 3    What Does Solar Mean?
                        More About... Sunlight

Page 4   
Using Sunlight to Make Electricity
                        More About... Photovoltaics

Page 5    How a Solar Cell Works
                        More About... Solar Cells

Page 6    Solar Modules and Solar Panels
                        More About...Solar Modules and Solar Panels

Page 7    Where are Solar Panels Put?
                        More About... Solar Panels

Page 8    Solar Thermal Electricity
                        More About... Solar Thermal Energy

Page 9    Using Steam to Make Electricity - Part 1
                        More About... Electricity Generators

Page 10   Using Steam to Make Electricity - Part 2
                        More About... Magnets and Electricity

Page 11   Solar Thermal Electricity Power Plant
                        More About... Solar Power Plants

Page 12   Why is Solar Electricity Important? No Pollution!
                        More About... Air Pollution

Page 13   Why is Solar Electricity Important? No Global Warming!
                        More About... Global Warming

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