Self-health Project

20 points

Sometime in your life you will want to improve your health or the health of someone you care about. You may want to change a diet or eating patterns, improve sleep, stop smoking, lessen the experience of stress, find out about a particular health condition or disease, or research a medicine or dietary supplement.

Whatever your health goal (as with any goal in life), you cannot expect to accomplish it in an instant. Identifying specific goals, research, planning, focus, and patience are required.

The Self-Health Project in this course offers an opportunity to learn how to improve your health.

There are two types of Self-Health Project. You choose to do ONLY ONE type. Links to the directions for doing each type are below.


Type 1: Health Behavior choose and change one of your health behaviors.


Type 2: Personal Health choose a health topic that is relevant to your life and find out all that you can about it that is helpful and/or interesting to you.